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Our Story | Evolve Inspired Jewellery

Whilst honeymooning overseas, travelling via mountain bike, Kiwi designers Louise and Tim stumbled across an opportunity that would change their future.

They discovered an exquisite range of jewellery that was different from any they had previously seen. Louise’s passion for contemporary jewellery, combined with Tim’s enthusiasm and appreciation for quality, convinced them to launch their first brand of unique jewellery – LINKeuro.

Returning home to New Zealand the couple initially set up a small company office in the spare bedroom of their farm cottage. Inspired by the backdrop of an iconic New Zealand vista, Louise and Tim’s adventure had begun. Time was spent working hard, travelling around scenic New Zealand, meeting interesting people, immersing themselves in the New Zealand culture and way of life, whilst promoting and selling their brand.

Their initial success with LINKeuro motivated the couple to expand. Impressed with the popularity of the European charm bracelets, the pair designed a series of stylish, contemporary New Zealand inspired bead charms and bracelets, which New Zealanders and overseas visitors could wear to celebrate their experiences and memories in Aotearoa. Evolve Jewellery NZ was the exciting result.

Louise and Tim have not stopped designing since, putting their heart and soul into creating jewellery designs with real meaning. As a result the Evolve collection has grown and evolved over the years, now including a range of distinctively Kiwi jewellery to complement the bead charms.

Louise and Tim are excited by their company's future and are proud of what they have achieved. Evolve jewellery is timeless, beautifully crafted and designed to be treasured forever. 

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