Add a little sparkle to your Evolve collection with our gorgeous gemstone charms featuring stunning handset cubic zirconia. Each beautiful charm has a special meaning, making it a treasured jewellery piece for yourself or a loved one.

Pacific Stars (Safe Travel)

Symbolising safe travel, Maui’s exquisite fish hook shines brightly and promises protection for the wearer as they explore the world. The sparkling black stones portray the starry night...

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Heart of Stars (Treasured)

Our sparkling black and white heart was especially created for those who truly have a heart of stars, whose kindness and inspiring spirit will be treasured forever. This...

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Moonlight (New Beginnings)

Inspired by the phases of the moon (Te Marama), this shimmering design symbolises change and new beginnings, bringing the wearer the inner strength to create something new.

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Pacific Dolphin (Companionship)

A symbol of companionship, the playful dolphin lives in large social groups and forms close bonds with others. The sparkling blue cubic zirconia symbolises the glistening New Zealand...

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Ocean Scallop (Direction)

Our exquisite Ocean Scallop charm, with its instantly recognisable shape, gives us the direction to find our way. The striking lines on the shell are believed to lead...

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Coastal Starfish (Love)

This beautiful starfish design reminds us of time spent with loved ones enjoying Aotearoa’s beautiful beaches. The starfish symbolises the magic of true love, celebrating the deep affection...

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Lighthouse (Guiding Light)

Proud guardians of our island nation, lighthouses shine bright beams of guiding light across New Zealand’s night sky. Found on some of the most beautiful, rugged and remote...

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Harakeke Flax (Protection)

Perhaps one of the most recognisable plants in every New Zealand garden is the harakeke flax. Representing protection, our Harakeke Flax charm features intricately designed flax leaves with a...

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Mt Cook Lily (Confidence)

Featuring white enamel petals with a golden cubic zirconia centre, our Mt Cook Lily radiates confidence. Alongside the flower is a green leaf and blue cubic zirconia stone which...

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Pōhutukawa (Beautiful)

The beautiful pōhutukawa and the friendly fantail are two of New Zealand’s most loved national treasures. Marking the beginning of the festive season, the striking red enamel flowers and...

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Poroporo (Vibrant)

With its bright purple petals and golden centre, the Poroporo attracts many native birds to New Zealand gardens. The delicate enamel work and hand-placed cubic zirconia stones on our...

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Chatham Island Forget Me Not (Resilience)

This resilient wee wildflower is a New Zealand favourite and is often found growing on sand dunes and cliff edges. These stunning flowers play their part in keeping New...

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Mānuka (Vitality)

Mānuka is said to be one of the most important plants in Aotearoa. It protects other plant species from harsh conditions whilst providing flowers that are used to create...

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January Birthstone (Protection)

Those born in January are lucky to have the beautiful garnet as their birthstone. This treasured stone is believed to keep the wearer safe whilst travelling. Featuring a garnet-coloured...

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September Birthstone (Good Fortune)

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is said to protect against negative energies and attract abundance and good fortune. Our stunning September charm features sapphire-coloured cubic zirconia stones...

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October Birthstone (Balance)

The birthstone for October is tourmaline and is said to release tension and protect the wearer against danger and misfortune. Featuring a tourmaline-coloured cubic zirconia stone, our October charm...

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