Cleaning & Care

Evolve charm bracelet on a map of new zealand

Evolve jewellery is beautifully handcrafted. Keep your jewellery looking as stunning as the day you bought it by following our cleaning and care guidelines.

How to care for Silver & Gold

Here at Evolve we use solid sterling silver (containing 92.5% silver) and solid 9ct gold to create some of our beautiful jewellery pieces. To clean your Evolve silver and gold jewellery we recommend using a jewellery polishing cloth, which contains a natural cleaning agent to help protect your precious jewellery from tarnish over time. Please avoid cleaning your jewellery and charms with harsh chemicals and jewellery dips as they may cause damage.

How to care for Silver & Gold plate

We have created a selection of jewellery pieces handcrafted from solid sterling silver finished with either yellow or rose gold plating (vermeil). Gold plating will gradually wear over time depending on how often it is worn and the types of activities you engage in whilst wearing the jewellery piece. Our jewellery can be re-plated and we recommend that you take your product to a reputable jeweller to do so.

How to care for Enamel & Gemstones

Evolve uses natural gemstones and man-made gemstones as well as enamel to add colour and vibrancy to jewellery pieces. You can bring back the sparkle in your gemstones by using a soft cloth, warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid to remove any dirt.

We also recommend that you have the stone setting of your jewellery checked from time to time by a reputable jeweller.

How to care for Leather

Leather is a natural product and you may notice it stretch or vary in colour slightly over time. To clean, you can wipe leather with a soft dry cloth.

How to care for natural products

Greenstone (pounamu), pāua, malachite and pearls are all natural products which require special care. Please avoid using any chemicals or silver dips, additionally please follow the care guidelines below.

Evolve is high quality, precious jewellery, which is designed to be worn every day - providing you are not engaging in activities that may accelerate the ageing process.

We strongly recommend that you treasure your jewellery by avoiding the following situations:

  • Impact against hard surfaces
  • Exposure to perfumes, cosmetics, hair products and other household chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Sulphur/thermal environments
  • Showering, swimming or bathing with your jewellery on
  • Sleeping with your jewellery on
  • Playing sport, cleaning, gardening or engaging in activities, work or social, that may damage your jewellery.


Storing your jewellery is important too. Store your jewellery separate from each jewellery piece in a soft lined box or pouch to minimise scratching and tangling. 

For more information please view the Evolve Product Warranty


Treasure your Evolve collection now and always. We hope you love wearing our New Zealand inspired designs.