Our Favourite Products

Celebrate the unique culture and natural beauty of Aotearoa with some of our favourite New Zealand inspired designs. 
Garden Fantail (Cherished)
The curious fantail (piwakawaka) is one of our most cherished native birds, respected as a symbolic messenger. These friendly little characters are known for their unique fan-shaped tail...
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Woodland Kiwi (Loyal)
The unique and curious kiwi is Aotearoa’s unofficial national symbol. This exquisite design captures this flightless bird foraging amidst the ferns within our beautiful woodlands. A truly patriotic...
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Evolve Signature Bracelet
The classic design of our Evolve Signature Bracelet showcases your favourite Evolve charms beautifully. The iconic Evolve koru logo is inspired by our favourite rock, found whilst kayaking the Mohaka...
Regular price $99
Classic Forever Fern Necklace
The fern is a much loved and highly treasured symbol of New Zealand. This iconic design has graced the uniforms of every national hero, from sportspeople to war...
Regular price $169
Wild Pohutukawa (Celebrate)
The pohutukawa is known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree. Its wild scarlet blooms decorate these majestic trees during the festive summer season. The striking red flower is an...
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