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What other brands are Evolve charms compatible with?

Evolve bracelets and charms have been specifically crafted to fit most major brands. Please see our Compatibility page for more information.

What is Evolve jewellery made of?

All Evolve jewellery is handcrafted with care, to the highest standards. We use the best natural materials to create our New Zealand inspired pieces.  We have chosen precious materials that will stand the test of time such as solid sterling silver and solid 9ct gold. Additionally we have crafted designs from Murano glass, genuine New Zealand Greenstone and Pāua which are treasured by customers around the globe. Our natural and man-made gemstones are handset with care whilst our enamel and gold vermeil pieces add colour and vibrancy to our meaningful New Zealand designs.

Is Evolve Jewellery guaranteed?

Yes. We’re proud to be a Kiwi owned & operated company & we stand behind the quality of our products. Please see our full Evolve Jewellery warranty terms for more information.

How do I choose the right size charm bracelet or pendant chain?

Please read our sizing guide for instructions on how to measure your wrist & find the perfect size bracelet or pendant chain for you.

How many charms can I wear on an Evolve bracelet?

Your Evolve bracelet is unique to you and the number of charms you can wear on your bracelet will depend on your wrist size and the particular charm designs that you choose. However, below is a rough guide as to how many charms can be worn on:

Evolve Charm Bracelets

  • Silver Charm Bracelets: Depending on the size of the Evolve Charm Bracelet you purchase and the individual charms you select to wear on your bracelet, approximately 16-24 bead charms can be worn on your bracelet.
  • Leather Charm BraceletsOur leather bracelets are perfect for showcasing a few favourite charms (4-6 charms) 6 would probably be the maximum number of charms which should be worn on our leather bracelet due to leather’s natural tendency to stretch over time.
  • FYI: Our longer leather charm bracelet, the Triple Twist Journey Bracelet can also be worn as a simple choker - a beautiful way to feature 1-3 favourite charms.

When wearing your leather Journey bracelet with charms, we recommend adding a pair of Evolve Stopper Clips and/or a Safety Chain to keep your charms in place. For more information, please see our leather journey bracelet information card.

How much do Evolve charms weigh?

Each charm weighs approximately 3-4g and is no larger than 15mm by 15mm.

How do I clean my Evolve New Zealand jewellery?

Evolve jewellery celebrates your life experiences and is designed to age with time. Our silver is treated to resist tarnishing but, like all silver jewellery, sometimes it needs a little TLC. To ensure that you get the best from your Evolve jewellery please follow our cleaning and care guidelines

How do I open the Evolve Clasp?

To open the Evolve clasp featured on our Signature Bracelets, apply pressure to the vertical line on the clasp with your fingernail.

How do I choose the right size bracelet?

Evolve bracelets are measured in centimetres. We recommend that you add an extra 2cm to your wrist size in order to fit a full set of charms. To measure; wrap a ribbon around your wrist and measure this length against a ruler.

How do I add charms to my Safe Travel Wrap?

To add charms, loosen and unloop the leather to slide hook off. Add your desired charms, then slide leather back through the hole in the fish hook, loop over and pull to tighten. For more information on how to add charms to your Safe Travel Wrap, please see here.

Where can I redeem my Evolve Gift Card?

Our Evolve Gift Cards are only redeemable on our Evolve website