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Give the gift of New Zealand with Evolve Inspired Jewellery NZ.
Cherished Pāua Necklace

Our Cherished Pāua Necklace captures the sun setting on the horizon, reminding us to reflect and celebrate each day. Inlaid with New Zealand pāua shell, which Maori believe...

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Coastal Pāua Necklace

Inspired by the majestic Kaikoura mountains framing New Zealand’s beautiful South Island coastline, our exquisite Coastal Pāua Necklace honours these mighty peaks. This gorgeous design features an exquisite...

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Coastal Pāua Drops

Inspired by the majestic Kaikoura mountains framing New Zealand’s beautiful South Island coastline, our exquisite Coastal Pāua Drops honour these mighty peaks. This gorgeous design features an exquisite...

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Coastal Starfish Studs (Love)

Our beautiful starfish earrings remind us of time spent with loved ones enjoying Aotearoa’s many beautiful beaches. The starfish depicts the magic of true love, celebrating the deep...

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Blossom Studs (Growth)

Symbolising the ability to continuously learn new things and create our own path, the Blossom studs represent your growth through life. Each blossom signifies the many paths we...

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Honeycomb Studs (Healing)

The New Zealand manuka honeycomb is known for its unique and special healing properties. These special studs promote health and vitality, strengthening our personal resolve.


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Forest Fern Studs (Treasured)

New Zealand’s treasured fern stands proudly within our lush and beautiful native forests. The fern embodies the spirit of New Zealand and is worn by national heroes and...

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Dragonfly Studs (New Beginngings)

The native NZ Dragonfly is a fast moving creature of the wind, and symbolises change and new beginnings. These studs give you the inner strength to create something...

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Coastal Fern Drops (Pride)

New Zealand’s highly treasured symbol, the silver fern, is emblazoned on these brushed silver drops. This treasured fern evokes a sense of pride and admiration for our country...

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Eternity Twist Drops

The twist symbolises the most special of attributes – loyalty. These distinctive twist drop earrings honour those friendships or relationships that will last an eternity. The powerful curves...

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Kowhai Drops (Happiness)

New Zealand’s unofficial national flower, the Kowhai, is known for its brilliant golden yellow flowers that appear in spring and stand out amongst the forest greenery. This native...

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Native Fern Drops (Loyalty)

The celebrated outline of our native New Zealand fern embodies a sense of pride and respect for Aotearoa’s unique culture and natural beauty. Few nations are as fiercely...

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NZ Map Pendant (Pure Paradise)

The iconic outline of New Zealand’s shores connects us with a unique culture, incredible natural beauty and our happiest memories. This symbolic necklace is a treasured keepsake, celebrating your...

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NZ Treasures Locket Pendant (My Secret Wishes)

Our intricate NZ Treasures design symbolises our deepest hopes, and wishes. Enclosed is a specially blessed greenstone pillar, which inspires us to follow our ambitions, giving us the courage...

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Ocean Spirit Drops (Energy)

The beautifully distinctive swirl in the shape of a koru symbolises our wild and spirited South Pacific Ocean which envelopes our tiny islands and energises our soul. Kaimoana...

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Precious Fern Studs (Nurture)

Symbolising new life and new beginnings, the Precious Fern studs represent the nurturing we give and receive throughout our journey of life. Featuring two cubic zirconia stones, the...

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Promise Leaf Studs (Growth)

Our petite Promise Leaf Studs shines brightly, inspiring us to move forwards. Finely crafted from brushed solid silver, featuring a rhodium finish, this beautiful leaf cluster holds a...

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Autumn Leaves Studs (Friendship)

This beautiful Autumn Leaves Studs celebrates the true gift of friendship. Interconnected silver and rose gold leaves symbolise the deep bonds shared between those who you care for...

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Silver Fern Drops (Pride)

Our exquisite silver fern drops honour New Zealand’s beautiful flora and fauna. This intricately wrapped fern represents inner strength and protection. A treasured New Zealand symbol that can be...

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Wild Forget Me Not Studs (Unforgettable)

Wild Forget Me Not studs by Evolve Jewellery celebrate all those unforgettable people and experiences in your life.

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Statement Pāua Necklace

Our Statement Pāua Necklace features a precious piece of pāua shell, sourced from our beautiful South Pacific Ocean. The New Zealand pāua shell is the most unique and...

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Heart Clasp Bracelet

Beautifully engraved with a koru representing new beginnings and eternal growth, our gorgeous Heart Clasp celebrates the deep bonds we share with our loved ones. A specially chosen chain...

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Classic Bangle

Simply gorgeous and designed to showcase your favourite charms, the Classic Bangle is a tribute to your most precious moments.

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