Necklaces & Pendants

Evolve necklaces, pendants, and chains are handcrafted with care. Each New Zealand inspired design features exquisite detail and will compliment any outfit. Match these beautiful necklaces with our Evolve earrings and Evolve bracelets or gift a necklace to a loved one.

Koru Heart Locket with Chain (Treasured Love)

Our delicate heart locket, adorned with a contemporary New Zealand motif, represents secret love. Open and stow a tiny photo of someone special, a note with a secret message,...

Regular price $185
Ocean Scallop Necklace (Direction)

Our exquisite Ocean Scallop Necklace, with its instantly recognisable shape, gives us the direction to find our way. The striking lines on the shell are believed to lead...

Regular price $195
Coastal Starfish Necklace (Love)

Our beautiful starfish necklace reminds us of time spent with loved ones enjoying Aotearoa’s many beautiful beaches. The starfish depicts the magic of true love, celebrating the deep...

Regular price $195
Classic Forever Fern Necklace

The fern is a much loved and highly treasured symbol of New Zealand. This iconic design has graced the uniforms of every national hero, from sportspeople to war...

Regular price $169
NZ Memories Locket with Chain (Precious Moments)

This intricate design symbolises our most cherished friendships and represents the special bond we share with our closest friends. A token of good times together and lasting memories made,...

Regular price $195
Family Tree Locket with Chain (Unconditional Love)

Inspired by the striking Māori Kōwhaiwhai patterns, this beautiful design celebrates the love, respect and close bonds of our family tree. Enclosed in each locket is a unique...

Regular price $190
Silver Fern Locket with Chain (Natural Beauty)

Entwined together, the striking silver leaves of New Zealand’s native fern represent true beauty. Whether celebrating our love for Aotearoa or for someone very special, this locket is a...

Regular price $170
Honey Bee Necklace (Luck)

Honey bees play an important role in our ecosystems and are believed by many to be very lucky. Inspired by the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, this necklace features...

Regular price $149
Wild Daisy Necklace (Friendship)

Treasured by many, the gorgeous daisy is found abundantly within Aotearoa’s woodlands and is a beautiful token of friendship. The wearing of this Daisy Necklace honours your special...

Regular price $149
Eternity Vine Necklace (Strength)

Our Eternity Vine Necklace represents inner-strength and resiliency when faced with adversity; just like the vine that grows in the most unlikely of places and survives against all...

Regular price $139
Whale Tail Necklace (Strength)

As one of the world’s largest and most revered marine mammals, whales represent great strength and a connection to the ocean. This necklace celebrates inner strength and determination,...

Regular price $149
Pacific Dolphin Necklace (Companionship)

A symbol of companionship, the playful dolphin lives in large social groups and forms close bonds with others. The exquisite kowhaiwhai patterns etched deeply into the dolphin symbolise...

Regular price $149
Forest Fern Necklace (Treasured)

New Zealand’s treasured fern stands proudly within our lush and beautiful native forests. The fern embodies the spirit of New Zealand and is worn by national heroes and...

Regular price $155
Kowhai Necklace (Happiness)

New Zealand’s unofficial national flower, the Kowhai, is known for its brilliant golden yellow flowers that appear in spring and stand out amongst the forest greenery. This native...

Regular price $149
Huia Necklace (Admired)

Our stunning Huia feather necklace honours those special people whom we greatly respect, admire and treasure. The wearing or gifting of these beautiful feathers celebrates all that is...

Regular price $215
Huia Statement Necklace (Admired)

Our stunning Huia feather statement necklace honours those special people whom we greatly respect, admire and treasure. The wearing or gifting of these beautiful feathers celebrates all that...

Regular price $279
Pinecone Necklace (Independence & Intuition)

The iconic, valued little pinecone is a symbol of independence, intuition and recreation. As each perfect little seed floats freely to the ground, it finds a special place...

Regular price $205
Honeycomb Necklace (Healing)

The New Zealand manuka honeycomb is known for its unique and special healing properties. This stunning necklace promotes health and vitality, strengthening our personal resolve.

Regular price $189
Bumble Bee Necklace (Diligent)

The cherished bumble bee is a symbol of dedication and productivity. This necklace was especially created for those who work diligently, shine brightly and create a little magic...

Regular price $185
Oak Leaf Pendant (Resilience & Potential)

The Oak Leaf Pendant honours resilience and potential, as the mighty oak tree stands strong, and rises tall against the toughest of storms.

Regular price $119
Precious Fern Necklace (Nurture)

Symbolising new life and new beginnings, the Precious Fern necklace represents the nurturing we give and receive throughout our journey of life. Featuring two cubic zirconia stones, the...

Regular price $129
Blossom Necklace (Growth)

Symbolising the ability to continuously learn new things and create our own path, the Blossom necklace represents your growth through life. Each blossom signifies the many paths we...

Regular price $129
Eternity Leaf Necklace (Forever)

Our Eternity Leaf Necklace is a token of pure devotion, honouring those relationships that will last the test of time. This exquisite silver design features beautiful rose gold...

Regular price $185
Forest Vine Necklace (Family Love)

Celebrating the gift of family (whanau) love and support, our Forest Vine Necklace has been lovingly handcrafted from solid silver and features highlights of 9ct rose gold. Each...

Regular price $185
Faceted Pāua Necklace

Inspired by New Zealand’s shimmering ocean rock pools, our exquisite Faceted Pāua Necklace evokes special summer memories. Māori believe pāua to be a treasured gift from the sea...

Regular price $109
Statement Forever Fern Necklace (Treasured Always)

The Silver Fern is a much loved and highly treasured symbol of New Zealand. This iconic design has graced the uniforms of almost every national hero in our history....

Regular price $275
Coastal Pāua Necklace

Inspired by the majestic Kaikoura mountains framing New Zealand’s beautiful South Island coastline, our exquisite Coastal Pāua Necklace honours these mighty peaks. This gorgeous design features an exquisite...

Regular price $99
Pearl Love Necklace (Everlasting Love)

Delicate silver koru frame our exquisite blue pearl. Traditionally pearls are known for their calming effect, they can strengthen relationships and keep loved ones safe. It is foretold that...

Regular price $199
Silver Fern Necklace (Pride)

Our exquisite silver fern necklace honours New Zealand’s beautiful flora and fauna. This intricately wrapped fern represents inner strength and protection. A treasured New Zealand symbol that can be...

Regular price $169
Shepherd's Whistle Necklace (Loyal Friend)

This iconic design is a symbol of true friendship. Dog is man's most loyal and trusted companion. Without our hard-working farm dogs, we could not farm New Zealand’s vast...

Regular price $179
NZ Map Necklace (Pure Paradise)

The iconic outline of New Zealand’s shores connects us with a unique culture, incredible natural beauty and our happiest memories. This symbolic necklace is a treasured keepsake, celebrating your...

Regular price $115
Treasured Fern Necklace (Natural Grace)

Our unique NZ Tree Fern Necklace depicts natural grace and celebrates those special individuals who embrace all that life has to offer.

Regular price $109
Onyx Strength Necklace

Inscribed with New Zealand on one side and Aotearoa on the other, our contemporary black onyx and silver necklace symbolises the strength of our nation and its people....

Regular price $129
Pohutukawa Bar Necklace

The pohutukawa, ‘New Zealand’s Christmas tree’, is perhaps our best known and most distinctive native tree. This much-loved tree with its vibrant red flowers evokes fond visions of...

Regular price $129