Silver charm bracelet with bead charms on a table

How to measure your wrist size:

To find your perfect bracelet size, measure your wrist by using a ribbon (wrap the ribbon firmly around the broadest part of your wrist and then measure its length in centimetres).

Bracelets & Bangles

  • Evolve Signature, Koru, Pāua and Heart Clasp Bracelets:  Measure your wrist using the method above, then add approximately 2cm to accommodate the charms that will make up your own unique story. If you prefer your bracelet to be snug we suggest adding only 1.5 cm.  The bracelet will get tighter the more charms you add to it, but as it gets heavier (with the addition of more charms) the bracelet will give slightly.
  • Evolve Link Bracelet: The Evolve Link Bracelet comes in one size – 19cm.  It will also fit wrists smaller than 19cm as the clasp can be clipped to an earlier link (this works well because the evolve branding & koru token duo make the remaining chain hang beautifully).
  • Evolve Bangles:  All our bangles come in one size - medium (19cm), which fits the majority of wrist sizes.

Pendants & Lockets


Select Your Perfect Necklace Length


Evolve Size USA Inside circumference Inside diameter
M 6  1/4 52.5mm 16.71mm
N 6 3/4 53.8mm 17.12mm
O 7 1/4 55.1mm 17.53mm
P 7 3/4 56.3mm 17.93mm
Q 8 1/4 57.6mm 18.34mm
R 8 3/4 58.9mm 18.75mm


Tribute Ring

All Murano glass and pounamu charms are interchangeable on our Tribute Ring. For compatable silver and gold charms, please see the list below.

LKP004 NZ Pāua
LK010 Aotearoa (Long White Cloud)
LK011 Silver Fern
LK087 Forever
LK116CZ Forget-me-not
LK148 NZ Tree Fern (Spirit)
LK166 Friendship
LK167 Together
LK168 Precious Hearts
LK169 Journeys
LK192 Albatross (Freedom)
LK191 NZ Guardian Fern
LK224 Dragonfly (New Beginnings)
LK225 Bumble Bee (Diligent)
LK226 Honeycomb (Healing)
LK227 Mighty Oak (Resilience & Potential)
LK228 Treasured Koru (Valued)
LK231 Wild Vines (Spirited)
LK233 Ladybird (Luck)
LK234 Majestic Tui (Confidence)
LK136CZ Family Tree
LKE012 Kiwi Mum
LKE015 SnowflakeLKE016 NZ Football
LKE017 Pohutukawa Blossom
LKE019 Dandelions (Make a Wish)
LKE022 Aotearoa’s Sky (Rangi)
LKE023 Aotearoa’s Ocean (Moana)
111G Forever