NZ Night Sky

Inspired by New Zealand’s enchanting night sky, this glittering range, featuring black spinel and sparkling cubic zirconia.
Heart of Stars (Treasured)

Our sparkling black and white heart was especially created for those who truly have a heart of stars, whose kindness and inspiring spirit will be treasured forever. This...

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Moonlight (New Beginnings)

Inspired by the phases of the moon (Te Marama), this shimmering design symbolises change and new beginnings, bringing the wearer the inner strength to create something new.

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Pacific Stars (Safe Travel)

Symbolising safe travel, Maui’s exquisite fish hook shines brightly and promises protection for the wearer as they explore the world. The sparkling black stones portray the starry night...

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Universe (Family & Friends)

Swirling silver koru’s embellish this black enamel charm representing our entire universe. Each swirl symbolises our cherished friends and family, those who closely support us through our life...

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Evolve Koru Bracelet

The Evolve Koru Bracelet beautifully showcases your favourite Evolve charms and is finely handcrafted from solid sterling silver. The button style clasp features black enamel and the Evolve...

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Black Safe Travel Wrap

The Safe Travel Wrap Bracelet features a sterling silver safe travel hook on soft leather, promising protection and safety as you explore the world. This bracelet wraps around your...

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