Birthdays & Milestones

Celebrate those special occasions with a treasured charm from Evolve. Wish a loved one a happy birthday or congratulate a recent university graduate.
January Birthstone (Protection)

Those born in January are lucky to have the beautiful garnet as their birthstone. This treasured stone is believed to keep the wearer safe whilst travelling. Featuring a garnet-coloured...

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June Birthstone (Calmness)

Bringing emotional calmness whilst relieving stress and anxiety, smoky quartz is the birthstone for June. Showcasing smoky quartz-coloured cubic zirconia stones this beautiful birthstone charm provides a sense of...

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September Birthstone (Good Fortune)

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is said to protect against negative energies and attract abundance and good fortune. Our stunning September charm features sapphire-coloured cubic zirconia stones...

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October Birthstone (Balance)

The birthstone for October is tourmaline and is said to release tension and protect the wearer against danger and misfortune. Featuring a tourmaline-coloured cubic zirconia stone, our October charm...

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December Birthstone (Friendship)

The birthstone for December is blue topaz which symbolises love and affection. Featuring a blue-topaz-coloured cubic zirconia stone, our December charm honours those true friends who have shown us...

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Cherished Child

There is no bond as pure and strong as the love we have for our children. This beautiful charm pays tribute to all guardians, celebrating the endless, selfless...

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