Animal Charms

Celebrate the unique and much-loved animals of New Zealand and beyond with our range of animal-themed charms.  These gorgeous charms are perfect for adding to your own collection or you could gift one to a friend or animal admirer.

Baby Kiwi (Born in NZ)
The flightless kiwi is an endangered New Zealand bird and the colloquial name fondly given to all New Zealanders. To be born in New Zealand...
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Tuatara (Ancient Native Reptile)
The tuatara is the only survivor of an ancient group of reptiles who used to roam Gondwanaland before it split and formed Aotearoa. Now only...
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Our cute Fantail charm celebrates one of New Zealand’s most treasured native birds. The unique and curious fantail (pīwakawaka in Māori) is respected as a...
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Garden Fantail (Cherished)
The curious fantail (piwakawaka) is one of our most cherished native birds, respected as a symbolic messenger. These friendly little characters are known for their...
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