Evolve rings are the perfect complement to any outfit and can be matched with Evolve necklaces and earrings. Handcrafted with care, featuring iconic Kiwi designs and exquisite detail, Evolve rings make a unique and special gift.
Forest Vine Ring (Family Love)
Celebrating the gift of family (whanau) love and support, our Forest Vine Ring has been lovingly handcrafted from solid silver and features highlights of 9ct...
Regular price $149
Eternity Leaf Ring (Forever)
Our Eternity Leaf Ring is a token of pure devotion, honouring those relationships that will last the test of time. This exquisite silver design features...
Regular price $149
Forever Fern Ring (Treasured Always)
The Silver Fern is a much loved and highly treasured symbol of New Zealand. This iconic design has graced the uniforms of almost every national...
Regular price $149
My Sunshine Ring (Loving)
Our exquisite My Sunshine ring honours those special individuals who continually brighten up our day, radiating love and compassion. Finely handcrafted from solid sterling silver,...
Regular price $149