Giving Back

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Here at Evolve, we have a strong connection with nature. We constantly draw on the beautiful New Zealand environment for inspiration and we strongly believe in playing our part to preserve the planet and this amazing country we call home.

We are committed to protecting our New Zealand heritage, it’s people, places, and culture so that future generations have something to cherish and value. It is through our continued sustainability efforts and fundraising campaigns, that we aim to converse and protect our beautiful country and the people who live in it.

Our natural environment is a precious resource and a constant source of inspiration for our products, with our designs reflecting Aotearoa's natural beauty. At Evolve, we are committed to helping organisations around the country protect our exquisite wildlife. In August 2018, we developed a special Forest and Bird collection, donating a percentage of sales to help protect our native species. Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we raised over $28,000 for this fantastic organisation. This money is used carefully by Forest & Bird to ensure the magical and precious New Zealand wildlife we enjoy is preserved for future generations. 

As Kiwi’s, helping others is part of our nature and we believe in giving back to the community around us. Throughout the past decade, we have leveraged our position to help those in need and support others in crisis. Our fundraising efforts for the 2011 Christchurch and 2016 Kaikoura earthquake disaster have helped us to donate more than $74,000 to those in need. Giving back is in our ethos and we strongly believe in protecting our people and our local community. 

Thanks to the support from our loyal customers we’ve donated over $100,00 towards worthy New Zealand causes. If making a difference is important to you, please register your giving back suggestions here.