Sow Seeds, Save Bees

Sow Seeds, Save Bees

Here at Evolve we are invested in protecting and preserving New Zealand's beautiful flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy. Through our 'Sow Seeds, Save Bees' campaign we aim to protect the world's most important pollinator, the bee, by growing our local gardens.

Unfortunately, bees are in a worldwide decline and if something isn't done soon, we could loose them forever. One of the easiest ways New Zealander's can help save bees is by planting 'bee-friendly' flowers in their garden. This enables the bees to have a safe environment to pollinate, rejuvenate and reproduce. 

As part of our 'Sow Seeds, Save Bees' campaign, wildflower seeds are included with every purchase from our NZ Garden Collection. Inspired by the beautiful colours that decorate our New Zealand gardens, this stunning collection showcases the magnificent flowers and native plants found throughout Aotearoa. Pairing sparkling cubic zirconia stones with beautifully blended enamel, these exquisite designs are perfect for adding some colour to your Evolve collection.

How to sow seeds:

  • Lightly cultivate soil to remove weeds
  • Sprinkle wildflower seeds
  • Lightly cover seeds with soil, no deeper than 2-3mm

Thank you! By selecting a piece from our NZ Garden Collection, you are choosing to protect New Zealand's beautiful flora and fauna for future generations.