The New Zealand pāua shell is the most unique and sought after in the world. Māori believe pāua to be a treasured gift from the sea.
Evolve Paua Bracelet
View our sizing guide here. The Evolve Pāua Bracelet beautifully showcases your favourite Evolve charms and is finely handcrafted from solid sterling silver. The button...
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Tree of Life Drops (Strength)
Much like a tree that stands tall and strong, providing shelter and nourishment to those under its canopy, the Tree of Life drops celebrate your...
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Forever Love Gift Set
Express your eternal love for those you cherish most with this stunning bracelet set. Designed to symbolise the cycle of life, our relationships and life-long...
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Ocean Lover Gift Set
Inspired by the iridescent shades that radiate from the inside of the pāua shell, this stunning set celebrates the pristine waters surrounding our beautiful country....
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