Animal Charms

Celebrate the unique and much-loved animals of New Zealand and beyond with our range of animal-themed charms.  These gorgeous charms are perfect for adding to your own collection or you could gift one to a friend or animal admirer.

Horse Pendant Charm (Courage)

Horses are intelligent and brave creatures, highly valued for their power, bravery and companionship throughout the ages. Our silver Horse pendant charm is especially designed for those special individuals...

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Sheep Pendant Charm (Gentle)

Renowned as a country where there are more sheep than people, New Zealand is known globally for its sheep farming. Visitors travelling the length of Aotearoa will find these...

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Duck Pendant Charm (Supportive)

Our Duck pendant charm is a symbol of support and care. Ducks fly together in a 'V' formation, making flight easier. They will swap leadership mid-flight, sharing the responsibility...

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Cat Pendant Charm (Independence)

Cats are the perfect companion, small and low maintenance. These much-loved animals evoke a spirit of independence, cleverness and of course, curiosity. Historically, cats have been associated with magic...

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