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Treasure your favourite Evolve pieces now and forever. This is your last chance to collect one of these beautiful NZ designs.
Kiwi Cooking (Sure to Rise) - Silver and Gold

Kiwis love to cook and the Edmonds cook book is a national icon. Whether you’re an accomplished cook or just starting out, this renowned recipe book is a...

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Cherished Bouquet

Nothing symbolises cherished moments and carries special messages better than a bouquet of flowers. Our beautiful rose bouquet wrapped in a bow, marks romance, weddings, and remembrance of loved ones. Your Cherished...

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Devoted Kiwi Mum - Red Bow

The famous fable of the stork delivering a new born baby to its mother has been around for generations. Our cherished Mother Kiwi carrying a sweet baby kiwi...

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Welcoming Kiwi (Powhiri)

A pōwhiri is a customary Māori welcoming ceremony where visitors are often greeted with the mesmerising karanga welcoming. Our little Welcoming Kiwi charm pays tribute to the friendly...

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Explorer's Binoculars

Expand your view on life. From African safaris to spotting wildlife in New Zealand, binoculars are your ultimate explorer’s accessory. Scan the horizon into unchartered territory as you...

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NZ Rhythm Pendant Charm

Two quavers come together to create our NZ Rhythm charm, which symbolises New Zealand’s proud musical heritage, diverse and vibrant music scene and distinctly Kiwi style. The pride...

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Shooting Star (Limited Edition - Gold)

Officially recognised as one of the best stargazing destinations on earth, New Zealand is the perfect place to experience the most magical of all celestial wonders, the...

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Taj Mahal (Eternal Love)

India’s magnificent Taj Mahal rises from the banks of the River Yamuna celebrating an emperor’s eternal love for his wife. Capture love and treasure India, one of our...

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Shooting Stars (Luck)

Māori observed the stars (Nga Whetu) to mark the seasons and signal future success. Appearing as a magical glow, twinkling across the dark night sky, shooting stars have...

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Guiding Light (Direction)

The unique patterns deeply etched into this charm act as a guide, navigating us on our chosen direction in life, just as our ancestors navigated the world by...

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Aotearoa's Night (Tranquility)

Inspired by our early ancestor’s voyages, this black enamel design brings a sense of peace and tranquillity. As our ancestors journeyed by night, the clearness of the sky...

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Butterfly (New Beginnings)

The beautiful monarch butterfly with its distinctive black and orange wings is hard to miss, often seen fluttering through our native forests and gardens. Although found in many...

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Soulmates Bangle

Branching from a single silver stem, the scrolling koru of our Soulmates design symbolise true partnership, love and devotion. Soulmates are kindred spirits, two individuals who give the...

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Oak Leaf Pendant (Resilience & Potential)

The Oak Leaf Pendant honours resilience and potential, as the mighty oak tree stands strong, and rises tall against the toughest of storms.

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