Evolve earrings are beautifully handcrafted from solid sterling silver, each with a special meaning, inspired by the unique culture & natural beauty of New Zealand.

Our studs, drops and hoop earrings can be paired with matching Evolve necklaces or charms. Create your own personal collection of New Zealand inspired designs.

Pearl Love Drops (Everlasting Love)

Delicate silver koru frame our exquisite night blue pearl. Traditionally pearls are known for their calming effect, they can strengthen relationships and keep loved ones safe. It is foretold...

Regular price $129
Forever Fern Drops (Treasured Always)

The Silver Fern is a much loved and highly treasured symbol of New Zealand. This iconic design has graced the uniforms of almost every national hero in our history....

Regular price $129
Forest Vine Drops (Family Love)

Celebrating the gift of family (whanau) love and support, our Forest Vine Drops have been lovingly handcrafted from solid silver and features highlights of 9ct rose gold. Each...

Regular price $129
Eternity Leaf Drops (Forever)

Our Eternity Leaf Drops are a token of pure devotion, honouring those relationships that will last the test of time. This exquisite silver design features beautiful rose gold...

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Pinecone Drops (Independence & Intuition)

The iconic, valued little pinecone is a symbol of independence, intuition and recreation. As each perfect little seed floats freely to the ground it finds a special place...

Regular price $149
Eternity Vine Hoops (Strength) Gold

Our Eternity Vine Hoops represent inner-strength and resiliency when faced with adversity; just like the vine that grows in the most unlikely of places and survives against all...

Regular price $159
Wild Forget Me Not Studs (Unforgettable)

Wild Forget Me Not studs by Evolve Jewellery celebrate all those unforgettable people and experiences in your life.

Regular price $44
Tree of Life Drops (Strength)

Much like a tree that stands tall and strong, providing shelter and nourishment to those under its canopy, the Tree of Life drops celebrate your strength and protective nature...

Regular price $99
Shining Stars Studs (Guidance)

Celebrating the wisdom and knowledge we gain as we travel through life, each star in our Shining Stars studs represents the many experiences that have or are yet to...

Regular price $69