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We have captured some of our most iconic New Zealand charm designs in solid 9 carat gold.

This special collection of Evolve gold charms look stunning on our Signature & Leather charm bracelets.
Each gold charm has its own special meaning and are compatible with Pandora charm bracelets, making a perfect gift.

Celebrate your affinity with New Zealand in style with Evolve’s beautiful gold charms.
Cherished Child
Aotearoa’s Heart (Gold)
Forever (Gold)
Fantail (Gold)
NZ Fern (Gold & Silver)
Family Circle (Whanau) (Gold & Silver)
Hokey-Pokey Ice Cream (Gold & Silver)
Aotearoa's Fern (Honour) (Gold & Silver)
xox NZ Letter
Pounamu (NZ Greenstone)
Baby Kiwi Gold
Family Circle (Whanau) (Gold)
Kiwi Cooking (Sure to Rise) - Silver and Gold