Twilight Quartz, a pink Murano glass bead charm from Evolve Inspired Jewellery

Twilight Quartz

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This beautiful charm evokes the romantic shades of twilight, that magical time in the early evening between daylight and absolute darkness, when the sun is below the horizon, shadows disappear and a diffused light bathes New Zealand in delicate shades of violet. As the sun sinks deeper, pristine skies display a celestial treasure trove of twinkling stars, glittering constellations, shooting stars and glowing purple aurora. This stunning charm also celebrates the freedom, versatility and thoughtfulness of those born under the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

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Code: GK48

Style: Bead Charm

Materials: Finely crafted from world-renowned Italian Murano glass with a solid silver core.

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Evolve is proudly new zealand owned and operated